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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fast access Firefox extensions with FEBE-CLEO & Gmail

The Firefox extension pack your are directed to below contains 4 Firefox extensions:
i) FEBE ii) CLEO iii) GSpace iv) Restart

This extension pack is useful when you're sitting in front of a fresh Firefox installation, and you want to get all your favourite extensions installed a.s.a.p.

A pre-requisite is that you've already backed up your favourite Firefox extensions to your GMail account. The easiest way to backup your extensions to GMail is:
- Back up your extensions using FEBE
- Transfer the xpi files to your GMail ccount using GSpace (see my previous post)
This pre-requisite would be carried out on your main PC.

Then to get your favourite extensions onto your fresh Firefox installation on another PC, all you need to do is:
1) Install the pre-packed extension pack that you're directed to below (this was packed with CLEO)
2) Restart Firefox (manually)
3) Use the GSpace extension to retrieve your backed up extensions (and preferences etc.) from GMail
4) Use FEBE to restore your extensions (and preferences etc.)
5) Voila, use the Restart extension to restart Firefox and you're up and runnnig with your favourite extensions :))

To get the FEBE-CLEO-GSpace-Restart pack:
- Go here:
- Click on the xpi file "FEBE-CLEO_GSpace_Restart.xpi"
- Save it locally
- Simplest way to install is drag-and-drop onto a Firefox window
ps. The pack was created using the CLEO extension

Of course if you'd rather just download these extensions separately (to make sure you get the latest version etc) please do. Here are the links
FEBE & CLEO (FEBE & CLEO can be installed as a single xpi)

Good luck and have fun :)


Chuck Baker said...


The xpi is not a valid archive. I cannot open it with 7zip or Winzip. Did you use CLEO to create the package?

Josh said...

Hey Chuck,

Thet's really wierd. I swear I tested it earlier and it worked fine for.

However, I've tried it again just now (having saved the package from my link) and it says it's corrupted..! AAARG.

I'm gonna check that out right now.


Josh said...

I dunno what was going on. I was gonna put a new file on the site, but when I went to the directory listing and downloaded it, I got a non-corrupted file.
So I've updated the instructions :)

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