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Saturday, February 03, 2007

TinyXP rules. Go ge tthe "Beast" edition

To break it down for you. TinyXP is like a "lite" version of Windows XP professional that runs on low spec machines.
I'm currently putting it on my (mate's) old Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop after failing to install Suse Linux because of too
little memory, and even Knoppix struggles with the 128MB of RAM.
TinyXP is freakin' sick. :)
Here are the notes from the torrent:

eXPerience Presents...
TinyXP Beast Edition

This special 'Beast Edition' of TinyXP is designed to be hell fast!

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express have been removed from this edition.
Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email
client are included as replacements to Internet Explorer and Outlook
Express. The latest edition of MSN Messenger (v7.5) is also installed.

This edition of TinyXP includes Ethernet LAN drivers, Microsoft
Sidewinder drivers and Sound Controller drivers. All keyboard
layouts are included. All languages have been removed apart
from United Kingdom. The default Luna theme has been removed,
but this edition includes the XP Amp theme as default.

Most of the networking features are removed from this edition,
this is because this edition is intended as a gaming edition
that you can surf the internet with. It is NOT intended as an
operating system for use in a corporate environment to squeeze
a little bit more production out of the poor employees, however,
MS Mail and MAPI are included for compatibility. Also kept - 16Bit
Support, Disk Cleanup, the "core" of Internet Explorer, Task
Scheduler and you are still able to open ZIP files without the
need for any any third party program.

Services left remaining are: DHCP, DNS Client, Event Log, IAS,
Network Provisioning, Performance Logs and Alerts, Secondary Logon,
Shell Services, System Event Notification, Uninterruptible Power
Supply Universal Plug and Play, Windows Management Instrumentation,
Windows Time and Wireless Zero Configuration.

This edition also includes Wireless LAN and there is also support
for use on laptops. On this edition of TinyXP there are no minimum
RAM or hard disk space requirements.

TinyXP Beast Edition Statistics:
To check the checksum for this ISO file, go here...
Then, download FSUM, then put the following
code in a new Notepad text (txt) file......

fsum.exe -sha1 TinyXP_Beast_Edition.iso >sum.txt

Then, rename that txt file as a .cmd file and, with FSUM.EXE
in the same folder as the TinyXP_Beast_Edition.iso - double
click the .cmd file you made and it will create a new "sum.txt"
file - just open that sum.txt file and make sure the code matches
with the following code..........


Windows Performance Info...
Operating System RAM Memory Usage = 42Mb
WINDOWS Folder = 321.6 Mb
Running Processes on First Install = 13
Install Time for Windows = Seven Minutes

Windows XP Pro Custom Added Features
Integrated Service Pack 2 (WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe)
Registry Tweaks For Performance/Gaming/Internet

Silent Installs
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser v1.5.0.4
Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client v1.5.0.4 (20060516)
MSN Messenger v7.5.0324

Integrated Critical Post SP2 Hotfixes
(Windows Updates) up to 28th March 2006...


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