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Friday, November 16, 2007

PRINCE2... for Team Managers

This is the Stage in PRINCE2 that's most relevant to Team Managers.
Thought I'd just pop it on me blog.
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Managing Product Delivery is the interface between the Project Manager and Team Managers (or, in a small project, Team Members). The Team Manager may be a 3rd party supplier and will not necessarily manage their projects using PRINCE2. However they should be aware of PRINCE2 terminology and delivery expectations (via the Work Package and perhaps in contracts). The basic sequence of events is:

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to make sure products are delivered by the Team Members. Team Managers must:

  • Accept and check Work Packages
  • Create and revise a Team Plan for the work
  • Ensure that the work is done
  • Ensure that there are regular assessments and that the product meets the defined quality criteria
  • Obtain approval for the finished product.
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