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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Problem 1 on Tytn II.. solved

Just got a new phone. The HTC TyTn II, also known as many other things including the Kaiser, the p4550, the T-mobile MDA III... :)

It's grrreat, but as with any new gadget there are bound to be some stumbling blocks along the way.

My first issue was that the Opera Mini browser that I have grown to love having used it on my Nokia 6230i for ages didn't want to connect to the internet :(

Eventually I found the very very simple solution on the site above (even tho the solution was in the Opera Mini error msg).

I had the date on my phone set incorrectly, and the Opera server apparently didn't like that very much. Once I'd fixed that it worked fine... EXCEPT over WiFi. It works over GPRS (gotta wait 2 months b4 I can use my UMTS sim) but not over WiFi... oh well, that's the next problem that needs to be solved.

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