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Monday, August 24, 2009

iPhone app BlogPress test

OK, just giving the iPhone app BlogPress a quick test. It costs 2 euro something, but that didn't put me off giving it a try.

I'm using it for this blog, but it supports plenty of other blog formats. Google BlogPress for more info.

It supports horizontal typing on my iPhone with iPhoneOS 3.0 (3.0.1 firmware) not sure about older iPhone firmwares. That makes typing a 2-thumbed affair at least. I'd prefer a physical keyboard *cough* but that's a whole different story :-)

So now I'll add a couple of tags and see how this looks on the blog!

Oh, and here's a link of course just to test that out too.

Btw, I forgot to mention that when you choose a Blogger blog, BlogPress lets you choose which of your Blogger blogs you want to use, as you'd expect. Anyway that all went fine, bar a couple of login errors. So now I've got 2 of my Blogger blogs hooked up on BlpgPress :-)

Do I really continue to use it long term? That's always the big question. Well, time will tell.



1 comment:

Josh said...

Ok, I'm slightly peeved that the Title and the first line of the first paragraph seem to be indented, but that could just be a browser issue.

I'm not too pleased to see that the link I tested was not converted to a proper clickable link. That's a bit disappointing and something the BlogPress guys need to fix.

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