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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Bitcoin Cold Storage

While doing my best to follow this bitcoin cold storage guide I had the following trial run:

NOTE: this is NOT a secure approach. This is a test run to see if I can even get it to work!
  • I burned this 64-bit Ubuntu live CD (v12.04 "precise") (Used Burn app on a Mac to burn ISO) 
  • The CD wouldn’t boot on my Mac :-(
  • Booted on my Dell [NOTE: takes ages to boot. Maybe I will consider a boot from USB at later date]
  • To quickly say what DIDN'T WORK: This guide unfortunately DID NOT work for me :-( but hey, I'm a bit of a Linux numskull.
    Here's being a bit more specific
    • Adding the PPA ppa:bitocin/bitcoin to sources in Ubuntu Software Center, changing the Ubuntu version to maverick, then search bitcoin: no results. no prompt to update.
    • Doing the whole apt thing with terminal also didn’t work (e.g. apt-update, apt-get etc.)
  • Now this is what worked...
  • From the same site that had the PPA (that didn't work for me) I download a plain old DEB file, which I got from here
  • Right-click the DEB and choose to open in Ubuntu Software Center.
  • If (like me) it gives you an error that it's missing something (a dependency: libdb4.8++) then you need to first search Ubuntu Software Center for libdb4.8 (runtime) and install it. Then right-click the bitcoin DEB again and choose to open in Ubuntu Software Center. This time it should let you install it.
  • I turned off Wifi, not for security, but to stop the Bitcoin blockchain from downloading.
  • Then started Bitcoin
  • I encrypted the wallet.
  • I copied bitcoin address.
  • Then I closed bitcoin and found the bitcoin wallet, wallet.dat at location ~/.bitcoin/ (with help from here)
  • I then created a text file, address.txt file inside the .bitcoin directory and pasted my bitcoin address in it (the address I copied above)
  • Then I zipped the wallet.dat and address.txt and distributed it as suggested in the original tutorial from the Bitcoin wiki that I linked at the top of this post.
Please let me know if you have any questions, corrections, or any comments at all.

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