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Friday, October 24, 2014

You Should Buy Some Bitcoin Now

 The reality is as follows...

Bitcoin will without a shadow of a doubt at very least enjoy another surge when consumer-friendly applications that support Bitcoin hit a tipping point where ease-of-purchase, ease-of-use and breadth-of-acceptance all hit a sufficient level. Those levels will be reached. Most likely next year (2015). Probably in the Summer (July).

So now is a great time to buy some Bitcoin. It's cheap, there are plenty of apps now that make it easy to spend and accept (e.g. if you run a small shop, or even just sell things at school). is a Dutch website that has been selling Bitcoin for ages. It always offers an incredibly generous exchange rate, even better than other major sellers like Coinbase.
Forget Bitcoin exchanges, these really are a waste of time for consumers like you and me. 
If you buy on Bitonic via this link, I even get a tiny bit of commission :))
If you don't have a Dutch bank account, then try or

So go on, go for it! You don't need to buy a whole 1 Bitcoin. You can just buy 0.5 or 0.1 Bitcoin if you want!

If you don't know how to get a Bitcoin "wallet" then you don't need to look any further than is one of the most trusted websites in the Bitcoin world as has been around since the early days of Bitcoin.
They now have excellent iPhone and Android apps. Just install the app, sign up for an account and you will get a wallet with a so-called "wallet address". 
Just enter your wallet address when you buy your Bitcoin on and within a few minutes your Bitcoin will be transferred to your Blockchain account (and you will see it in the app).
There you go, ready to spend that Bitcoin! or wait and watch the fun when the price creeps back up :))



Josh Downes said...

Well that prediction went well..... (note to self.. hold back on the Bitcoin predictions)

Anonymous said...

Shallow san, predict well you did

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