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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

ASUS MyPal A620 shares Broadband via Bluetooth

Just got my Asus MyPal A620 to share my broadband internet
connection via the MyPal's built-in Bluetooth. Here's roughly what
I did:
  1. Enabled Internet Connection Sharing on my Broadband Connection for my Bluetooth connection. To do this go to your LAN connection where the broadband is piped in, right-click -> Properties -> Sharing -> Enable ICS for -> (choose your Bluetoothconnection)

  2. Bluetooth must be installed properly on your PC for this to work. You should have a Bluetooth icon in the system tray if all is sweet. Check your Network and Dial-up connections to make surethere's a Bluetooth one listed and that it's enabled.

  3. Right-click your Bluetooth icon -> Setup -> Configuration -> Local Services (tab). Look for "Network Access" and make sure it looks switched and that a reasonable nr. of connections are allowed, or set it to the max possible connections (in my case 7). Make sure the MyPal is searchable etc etc. Switch it all on for now baby!

  4. Pair your PC with the MyPal. I initiated pairing from the PC, but initiating from the MyPal should also be ok (try from PC first tho).
    To pair pair from the PC: Right-click Bluetooth icon -> Setup -> Security-> (choose your MyPal) -> Execute Pairing.

  5. On the MyPal go to Bluetooth Settings, switch on all services, switch off all required Encryption. Ok, ok, I know that sounds bad. Well you can switch it on later, but that's up to you once it'sWORKING!

  6. On the MyPal go to Bluetooth Manager, make a new connection, choose type that mentions "LAN" Pick your paired PC from the list (may beonly option) and connect.

  7. If you've got a software firewall, keep an eye on the log, and make sure you're not blocking this guy's access. You'll almost certainly have to open ports up to get out on the internet. E.g. In ZoneAlarm you gotta config Expert Rules under Firewall starting with allowing TCP connections: From port "Any" To port 80. That allowsbasic HTTP.

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