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TokenHome liquid real estate

Introduction This post is inspired by  this article  I read on 7th June 2021. Since no details were provided I decided to design my own implementation. TokenHome is a fictitious platform that  makes real estate more liquid, not only giving those with less disposable income access to the benefits of real estate investment, but also providing home owners with a flexible way to safely borrow against their home without fear of losing their home (as with legacy mortgages). I’ll update the post if any new caveats, insights, etc come to mind, so watch this space. This is how it works.  The actors involved “homeowner” who wants to safely borrow against their home “tokenholder” who wants to invest in the property market in a tokenised way (will become clear below) “TokenHome” the ficticious organisation that matches homeowner and tokenholder and acts as an intermediary. [I've since discovered that 1 or more real entities exist that use the name "TokenHome". This post has nothing w

Get Facebook Notifications on Chrome Desktop

Just visit the mobile Facebook site in the Google Chrome desktop browser and you will be prompted to allow notifications. If you accept, Chrome will enable Facebook notifications, which will appear in the bottom right corner of your PC. Sick of seeing them? Just follow these steps to switch notifications in Chrome off: .

Run Android Apps in Google Chrome Browser (yes really!)

This guide will show you how to run Android apps in Chrome. You can run Play Store and non-Play Store apps. You just need the APK file for the app. I'll show you how to download the APK file for Google Play Store apps. For non-play Store apps you'll need to figure out how to get the APK yourself. Then you can run Android apps like Candy Crush (not sure if that will be convince or deter you!) on your desktop just using the Google Chrome browser! Follow these steps. Install the ARC Welder  app in Google Chrome. (This is a proper Google developer app ) In Chrome, click the "Apps" button in the Bookmarks bar.  This button is on the bookmarks toolbar, so you might need to go to Chrome settings, then "Bookmarks" > "Show bookmarks bar" to display it. Or go to the local apps page directly:  chrome://apps/ . Run the ARC Welder app with the following icon. Click the round orange plus button and select your Android app's APK file (for non

Kill Windows Processes That Won't Die with "Ultimate Process Killer"

When trying to kill a process in Windows, you probably head for one of the following: The Processes tab in Windows Task Manager's, where you try killing the process (tree) Or Sysinternals Process Explorer , which may succeed where Task Manager failed.  However, if Sysinternals Process Explorer can't kill a process, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there is no hope and for wondering why Windows is still so darn stupid ;) However, this evening I succeeded in killing a very stubborn process using a utility named after a future Arnold Schwarzenegger movie: Ultimate Process Killer . It's free on Sourceforge and I was able to use it to successfully kill a process in Windows 7 that refused to be killed by the options mentioned above. I even tried suspending and unsuspending the process in Process Explorer, which I saw suggested somewhere, but that also didn't work for me. By the way, I have no idea how well it will work on other versions of Windows, but I r

AppInfo Lists Tweaks by Install Date

The AppInfo iPhone tweak is unmissable on a jailbroken iPhone, giving you access to all sorts of information: A list of your apps from the Apple AppStore A list of Cydia tweaks and repositories Springboard tweaks iPod music Most of which can be exported as a simple or detailed list that you can email (to yourself). Extra noteworthy is that the lists of AppStore apps and Cydia tweaks can be sorted: Alphabetically Size Date Installed Install Date helps you remember which apps or tweaks you installed most recently. Can be very useful, for example to help you identify sudden problems you may experience with newly installed apps or tweaks, like sudden increased battery drain, poor performance, or crashes. This Cydia tweak can be found in the BigBoss repository, usually shipped by default in Cydia.