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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bluetooth hacking checklist

Clipped this little gem from a forum. A good checklist if you're hunting for Bluetooth tools for your mobile phone

[Edit: By the way, sorry to disappoint if you're after Java apps: they're all Symbian.]

Hi Guys,

can someone help me with my collection of BT stuff,

snarf, sniff, bjak, bloov etc...

Peakablue 2 send photoshoot directly to BT devices
Bloover II great BT attack software to test all vulnerabilities
BlueJackX a free bluejack utility really good
EasyJack perfect bluejack app but for know exist only in demo 1.0
Mobiluck peraphs the best bluejack-community app

BluetoothEnancher for more than one connection at one time

Peakablue v2.0 cracked
Bloover II FREE
Bloover II Breeeeder Edition FREE
Bloover old edition FREE
BlueJackX 0.9 FREE
Mobiluck 3.1 FULL and 4 with use of 3.55 Illusion Patch

BluetoothEnhaner BTex FULL
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