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Friday, March 30, 2007

Bluetooth security tools

Clipped this piece referring to 2 Bluetooth security tools. Gotta check these out.
clipped from
Two Bluetooth hacking tools released
By Lue Simcoe :: 2390 Views
Hidattack -lets attackers hijack a Bluetooth keyboard, and BTCrack
could give an attacker full access to two connected Bluetooth devices.  Since Bluetooth is being more commonly used, more confidential data is being transferred. 

Collin Mulliner, developer of Hidattack states,  "An attacker Bluetooth 'scans' for a PC in an interesting location, say, in a bank, which has an active Bluetooth HID driver running.   Once he finds a victim PC, the attacker's PC becomes a Bluetooth keyboard, which basically is like sitting in front of the victim's PC.  The attacker now has full control and therefore can do whatever he wants."

Read more on hidattack and details of BTCrack by checking out this article:
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