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Monday, April 02, 2007

Reference a specific page in a URL for a PDF file

This is a great tip if you want to send someone a link to a PDF document and want to point them directly to a specific page in the document.
Jump to a PDF page or section via a URL request

Here's something pretty cool. Did you know you can cause a URL request for a PDF to go right to a specific page, or even a specific section of the document? Just use the format for HTML anchors, as in #page=nn, to tell the PDF to be loaded on page nn. Use #sectionname to go to a section name instead.

For example, the following would jump to page 29 of the BlueDragon Compatibility Guide:

Or, to go to the section on our available CFIMAP tag (a section titled, specifically "4.5.7 CFIMAP"), use:

Note the space between the section number and title (4.5.7 and CFIMAP) which I've indicated here as %20, the standard character code for URLs to represent a space.

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