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Monday, June 18, 2007

Intel(R) Extreme Graphics 2

This is a nice technical post (kinda) cos I haven't posted in ages (blame goes to Facebook)

Ok, see this little icon on the left. If you use Intel(R) Extreme Graphics 2 you'll see it in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen along with the other annoying icons that sit there doing nothing.

One of the handy features of Intel Exteme Graphics is that it allows you to rotate the image displayed on your computer screen. Obviously you'd only want to do this if you're also able to physically rotate the screen. This is sometimes nice if you're writing a document cos then you can fit a whole page at once on the screen.

I have such a screen (at work) and until today I've had to locate this icon in the corner and go into the menus to rotate the screen.
Today, all that changed. I was pressing some random keys trying to make little e's with accents (é) and it wasn't working, and suddenly my screen flipped.

So here we go. The Intel Extreme Graphics keyboard shortcuts for flipping the display are:

Ctrl+Alt followed by 0 and then 8 = normal
Ctrl+Alt followed by 0 and then 4 = 90 degrees
Ctrl+Alt followed by 0 and then 6 = 270 degrees
Ctrl+Alt followed by 0 and then 2 = 180 degrees

No more fiddling in the menus :)


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