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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Stuff I SHOULD build!

Two things I'm missing from my browser at the moment are:

1) A way to send a web page I like to multiple destinations with only having to fill in a single form (e.g. Send simultaneously to Furl, LinkaGoGo (old skool but POWERFUL online bookmarks manager), Blog (?!), Digg, Yahoo bookmarks, Google Docs n Spreadsheets, Gmail - Whatever!!

2) A simple way to select part of a web page and just blog the stuff I've selected.. OH.. I just remembered I can do that with Clipmarks. Super. The only thing I'm not to fantastically keen on with Clipmarks blogging is that it fancies up the blogged bits and sticks a frame around everything blah blah. I just want it to blog the stuff with zero fuss.

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