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Sunday, November 18, 2007

TyTN II wishlist

I'm gonna start a little wishlist. This is stuff that I can't/ don't know how to do on my HTC Kaiser (aka TyTN II, MDA III etc etc) that I either need to, want to, or simply HAVE to know how to do.

I actually started writing this post on the 16th of November, so some of my original issues have already been resolved. Where this applies I'll mention the solution..

- Use t9 (or similar) completion of words when entering text into apps.

- Keep the screen flipped horizontal even when the keyboard is shut. -> Solutions: Found a place where I could remap my hardware shortcut keys and lo and behold, there was an option to set a button to flip the screen. So I applied this to one of the hardware buttons and now I can indeed flip the screen on demand. Unfortunately the button is also the walkie-talkie (or soundclip) button in MSN, so now I can't use that. Oh well!

- get back the block recognition (kinda like the scribble(?) input on Palms) that I have on my ancient Asus A620... it's a shame that ain't standard :(

- Close apps immediately so they're not running in memory. I.e. Pressing OK just "minimises" apps without actually closing them. I want to be able to close them, and preferably with just 1 click. -> Solution is offerd in the Task Manager options. You can set it up so that tasks actually close/end/exit when you press the little red cross, and don't just minimse.

- Better control over switching between WiFi and 3G. I want my phone to recognise when my chosen WiFi networks are in range, and switch over from 3Gto WiFi.

- Also ability to automatically connect to any non-secured WiFi network automatically if I'm using 3G.

- Switch between open/ running apps via keyboard. -> No solution as yet, but I'm aware of a program (cab) that allows you to map keyboard cobinations to specific functions. Hopefully I can use this to let me switch between tasks via the keyboard.

- I need to be able to turn off the screen after I've locked my Kaiser, preferably automatically (well it'll have to be if the Kaiser's been locked). I need this for Windows Media Player. If I press the standby button it kills the stream when I'm streaming music. It only seems to kill the stream over WiFi funnily enough though, not over GPRS (3G not yet activated - *sigh*).

- Next up, I want a registry tweak so that I don't have to keep on authorising Opera Mini to connect to the Internet each time I restart it. -> Solution for this has been found on a forum. It's a bit fiddly and envolves using a HEX editor. I may get around to applying it some time :)

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