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Sunday, December 23, 2007

PocketPC hacking abbreviations

I finally found these abbreviations on xda-developers!
I'm planning to try flashing some other ROMs to my HTC Kaiser, so I need to understand what the hell all this stuff means.
First I'm going to dump my existing ROM so I can get backto the original state if desired.
After that I'll stick the Hard-SPL on my Kaiser. This apparently lets you play around more safely with ROMs. I.e. there's less chance of ending up with a very expensive brick instead of a phone!

Describe Acronyms here.

Adaptation Kit Update ( AKU ) - they usually patch up existing bugs and enable several new features. Each newly released AKU pack retains fixes found in previous versions of AKU

( CID lock ) - aka VENDOR LOCK put on your device by the manufacturer to prevent installation of a ROM not released by them

Radio Interface Layer ( RIL )

ROM Upgrade Utility ( RUU ) - Its the s/w used on ur PC to do ROM upgrade for your PPC

( IPL/SPL ) - Its the bootloader for PPC. IPL is the Initial Program Loader. It boots up SPL - Secondary Program Loader. SPL in turn loads the actual OS.

World Wide English Edition ( WWE Edition )

XIP - Execute-in-Place

More at FAQ section

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