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Monday, December 17, 2007

Smashing breakthrough this morning!

I'm a very happy bunny this morning. Not that you'd know it to look at me tho, hunched over my laptop with headphones on and a glazed slightly moody look on my face...!
Anyway, I'll get to the point, and why I'm a happy bunny.
I finally managed to find a way to play BBC archived radio on my laptop.
You see, the special thing about my laptop is that I don't have admin rights and so can't install programs like normal people. That means any program I use has to be a portable program that doesn't actually need to be installed. (ok, some programs install, but not all).

The program in question for the BBC archived radio streams is of course Realplayer. This has to be installed, and not only that, your browser needs to recognise the plugin so that when you press play on the online BBC radio, it knows what to do!

So let's cut to the chase. I found this fabulous portable Realplayer HERE.
It's a fully fledged version of Realplayer 11 as a single executable.

Then I sparked up the BBC radio page, the one with my fave DnB top 10 show. Click HERE to go straight to the radio page.

Then I used the UnPlug Firefox extension to show me what media links were floating around on the page. Well, UnPlug found a single link to an RPM file. So I downloaded this file and opened it up in Textpad. There was a single long rtsp address!

Opened up my standalone Realplayer and opened the rtsp link. BINGO :) I was a happy bunny cos the 1Xtra DnB chart started playing for like the first time ever! (oh yeah, I had to change the default directories in the Realplayer settings cos my no-admin-rights pc wouldn't write to the default ones.)

All in all a complete, blinding success.

Shouts go out to the genius that created the standalone Realplayer and the UnPlug Firefox extension!!

I'm outta here to listen to some other archived BBC radio streams. Oh Yeah!!

By the way, if you somehow manage to break Realplayer by fiddling around with the Settings like I did just a moment ago, you'll probably need to delete the application data stored at:
C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Thinstall\RealJukebox 1.0
(where [username] is your windows login name)

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