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Monday, February 18, 2008

(AppReview) Could Download Statusbar have a smaller footprint?

I just updated by Firefox plugins, of which I have a healthy number (or rather an unhealthy number), and I could help but (yet again) notice that the extension Download Statusbar is pretty BIG. Its about ~650kB. Thats more than half a meg. Surely this little baby could be reduced in size?

I refer to it so lovingly because it really is a fab extension. Just simply showing you the status of the download as a progress bar in Firefoxs status bar. It shows speed and size, and lets you open the download with a double-click. Nice job. Could it be made smaller?

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Anonymous said...

I can answer that - I'm the author of Download Statusbar

There were major changes to firefox's download system for Firefox 3 and these required significant changes to the Download Statusbar extension.

As such, the current install file, version 0.9.6 on contains two complete versions of Download Statusbar. One that works with Firefox 2 and one that works with Firefox 3. This is necessary, because unfortunately, does not provide the ability to serve different versions of the extension to different versions of Firefox.

Also, each of these separate versions that are bundled into 0.9.6 has their own language pack containing ~25 languages. Each language includes a rather large help file.

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