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Monday, February 18, 2008

(AppReview) Masterful NoScript could have predefined blacklist

NoScript is a great extension. It blocks JavaScript from running on websites unless you explicitly allow it to run. Of course its packed with features like the ability to whitelist websites and to allow sites to run scripts temporarily. It also blocks certain types of dangerous script attacks even if youve decided to trust a website.

Considering Ive heard tell that this year will be a biggie for attacks via websites, cross-site scripting and suchlike, this is a browser extension that no Firefox user can afford to be without.

I am however a great lover of things that do things for me J And Id love to see integration of a predefined blacklist, or a choice to enable/disable such a list (or lists). This way Id be warned in advance of a site that was a known offender, and wouldnt fall prey to the desire to simply temporarily allow the site to run scripts so I could get my content if you see what I mean.

What I mean is, NoScript blocks script, which normally means it will stop parts of the website being displayed. A less advanced user - or even someone like me ;) - will probably get into the habit of just allowing websites (even if its only temporarily) because they want to be able to view bits of the content that are being hidden. This sort of behavior could easily result therefore in a user being stung by a bad site even if they use NoScript.

So I call for a built in way to enable known blacklists J

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