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Monday, March 03, 2008

Intel Atom processor gives 500 MHz for less than a Watt

These little critters sure look fantastic. Or at least *sound* fantastic.
I could do with my TyTN II's battery life being a bit better, and although it never will be maybe it's successor's will!.. or maybe a generation or two down the line. When I upgrade at least
Check out the article for the juicy details of these eco-friendly power-punchers.
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Silverthorne, a two-issue processor designed from the ground up, is now known as the Intel Atom processor. Atom
processors based on Silverthorne are aimed at Mobile Internet Devices

Silverthorne-based Atom processors heading for MIDs will have a TDP
ranging from 0.6W to 2.5W and will top out at 1.8GHz.  Sources inside Intel hint that the 0.6W version of the processor reaches just over 500 MHz.

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