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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Transfer data from the Nokia 6101

To transfer your data from the Nokia 6101, including the copy-protected ringtones, themes, wallpapers etc you need the following.
- 1 DKU-5 data cable
- Nokia PC Suite
- MobiMB

1. Install the Nokia PC Suite. This will also install the drivers for the DKU-5 cable

2. Then connect the DKU-5 cable to your PC and connect the phone. The cable should be recognised. If not, try another USB port.

3. Install MobiMB and setup as follows.
- Go to File -> Settings -> Connections -> Add connection
- Choose the Nokia DKU-5 cable connection
- Right-click the new DKU-5 connection -> Properties -> Port settings
- Choose "COM10 Port 1 on Nokia Adapter". The phone should be recognised.

4. In MobiMB go to File -> Settings -> Advanced and tick "Always show built-in ringtones".

5. Now just copy stuff from MobiMB to your PC. You can even drag and drop.

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