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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Portable CD / DVD / image writing app

I'm a sucker for portable programs as I hope will become more and more evident as I get into gear and start sticking some reviews up here.

I found this little baby today:

It's a portable CD, DVD, image writer.
Now, in all fairness (or unfairness) I haven't checked the actual CD or DVD writing capabilities (although I've no reason to doubt them) but I did create an ISO image with exceptional ease.

You can download a zip file, so when I say the program is portable, I mean you just unpack the zip file and run the program.

So this is definitely one to add to your GMail collection. (what do I mean?). Well, if you get the GSpace extension for Firefox, you'll find it's a really neat little way of storing stuff on your GMail account, and I'd highly recommend using this to store little portable programs that you can later copy pack to your PC if and when you need them.

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