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Sunday, September 21, 2008

BBC 1Xtra Drum n Bass top 10

I had some trouble listening to the BCC Drum n Bass top 10 this week. The BBC was telling me that iPlayer couldn't find the recording when I pressed the "listen now" link on the DnB chart page.

Oh well, luckilly I still had a rtsp link in my RealPlayer favourites and was able to play directly from RealPlayer. The BBC isn't too keen on their streams being played directly through  RealPlayer; something to do with it not being all that kind to their servers. But if it's the only way.. :)

Here's the direct rtsp link.

You need to open this link in RealPlayer by the way. It's the only player that will play it I'm afraid. I've spent countless hours looking for an alternative without success. MPlayer can't play it, even though it supports rtsp streams. It's something to do with the way the streams are encoded. 

Enjoy the bass ;)

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