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Monday, September 08, 2008

Google Chrome is a "must have"

There's no getting away from it. Google Chrome is the browser of choice.
A beautifully simple and bug-free browser that's just dying to get onto every single desktop on the planet.

I'm certainly using it already as my browser of choice. Partly because I'm admittedly a bit of a Google addict. In the sense that I loved Google from the moment they found exactly what I was looking for (no, not that) back in 2001 or something. And partly because I just can't wait for another browser to gain market share over Internet Explorer, and give Microsoft another reason to make Windows truly user friendlier.

If you haven't tried Google Chrome yet, go and get it :) Here it is:

Even if you don't have administrator rights on your PC chances are you can still install it. I could.

Now if you've already installed it and just happen to be thinking, like I did, that it would be nice to be able to make it look a tiddly bit different. And if you're not afraid of a bit of simple tweaking, go and download the Google Chrome theme manager XChrome here:

And here is a nice pack of 23 themes:

Enjoy the buzz of using a fast browser!

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