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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Computer Management in XP (MMC)

This is more of a note-to-self than anything else, but nonetheless something that was bugging me.

I'm in a locked-down work environment and couldn't open the Computer Management console. 

Pity, because I wanted to see if I was running XP with SP2 or SP3, and the only way I know to do that in my environment is via the Computer Management console.
Unfortunately in my environment:
- the "Properties" option in the My Computer context menu has been removed
- System has been removed from the Control Panel.
- and when you run the sysdm.cpl command from Start -> Run, nothing happens. (this should normally bring up the System Properties panel.

Anyway, I finally found the command to launch the Computer Management console directly:

This worked.
Then it was simply a matter of selecting "Properties" from the context menu of the "Computer Management (Local)" item on the left-hand side.
And voila, there was the System Propeties panel (only this way the title of the panerl is "Computer Management (Local) Properties".

For a list of other .msc commands, take a look here:

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