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Friday, October 31, 2008

Print those pesky PRN files with PrintFile

Have you ever wondered what that little checkbox "Save to file" does when you go to print something?

Well, guess what? It saves your print job to a file instead of actually printing it - uncanny huh? ;)
When you save such a file, it's a PRN file.

Well, that was kinda supposed to be funny, but the serious part of this post is that there's a utility out there that will let you print those otherwise useless little files. It's called PrintFile and you can get it here:

Make a note of this, cos one day you'll be like - heh, I can't access the printer, but I know, I can save it to a file and print it off later (on another computer) with that cool little utility PrintFile.

And by the way PrintFile is free. How about that :)

EDIT: also check out EscapeE by RedTitan
NOTE: these apps won't always print your document perfectly! but if you're printer is messed up it could be a life saver.

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