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Friday, January 02, 2009

Macbook apps & mods

This is just going to be a list of all the apps I install on my new Macbook :)
Could get long. We'll see. [I've also decided to add any kind of customisations I make in square brackets]

  • Skype

  • Adobe Air (for Twhirl)

  • Twhirl

  • OpenOffice (so I could view a darn Powerpoint lol!) (2/1/09)

  • MacPorts (so I can install aircrack-ng :)) (3/1/09)

  • Evernote (4/1/09)

  • Firefox (4/1/09)

  • [hide the dock:] (11-jan-09)

  • uTorrent (11-jan-09) (surprised this didn't happen earlier :)) (

  • [TwitterFox add-on for Firefox] (this doesn't really count, but I'm kinda enjoying logging this stuff!) (11-Jan-09)

  • [Changed annoying Mac alert sound to "Hero" sound and reduced volume :)) - do this in Sound dialog - key-combo ctrl+F12] (11-jan-09)

  • GIMP (photo editor)

  • UnRarX (compressed file extractor - free - need it to unpack the VMWare download. Am wondering if there's a free rar/ zip decompressor for Mac out there with a nicer GUI)

  • [made TextEdit default app for opening NFO files]

  • VMWare Fusion

  • Quicksilver (31-1-09)

  • Google Earth (31-1-09)

  • Adobe Flash (prerequisite - kinda - for adobe air)

  • Adobe Air (oops, hang on, I already installed that..)

  • Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.0.1

  • Growl 1.1.4 (Because Peer Guardian suggested it)

  • PeerGuardian (to fight against baddies)

  • MS Office 2008 (v12.0.0)

  • [update Open XML File Format Converter for Mac to v1.0.2]

  • [update MS Office 2008 to v12.1.0]

Please feel free to suggest an app you think I can't do without :)

1 comment:

carolune said...

I'm surprised you only have one Office update... :)

I have a whole 'code and unix' section I can't live without with Smultron, BBEdit, TeXShop, X11, LTconverter just in case, etc.

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