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Friday, January 02, 2009

Mac keyboard shortcuts and other tips

I've just bought a Macbook (13.3" aluminium, 4gb ram, lovely | battery, non-backlit keyboard, less lovely) and cos I've always been a Windows user there's a lot that is new to me.

Before I give up and install Bootcamp I'll probably discover a bunch of things that I'll want to remember. So I'm going to record them here.
I definitely need a comprehensive reference to Mac keyboard shortcuts. I'm sure there are plenty out there.
It's amazing how disabling it is not knowing all the keyboard shortcuts that one's gotten so used to over time. I shall battle on :)
Here is a list of URLs with keyboard shortcuts.


Key combo Source
1. Make a screenshot anywhere where you can select the area of the screenshot with the mouse (screen capture) cmd+shift+4
2. Safari: Jump to the address bar (or location bar) cmd+l -
3. Safari: quick page searchfn+(search term) -
4.Minimise active windowcmd+m-
5.Find my Mac IP addressApple -> System Preferences -> Network-
6.Show desktop(?) (hides like EVERYTHING on screen)

7.Hide window

Switch between multiple windows of single app. (E.g. between 3 different Firefox windows or between multiple Finder windows)

Close Window


Switch between window elements on a web page, e.g. between fields, buttons (in Windows one just uses the tab key to achieve this)


No source, but a bit more info:
Use just the to switch between text entry fields.
But to switch between other items like buttons, checkboxes etc, you need to use alt+


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