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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Save That Word

I was just alerted to an interesting website that tries to get people to "adopt" a word that is verging on extinction. Actually, if you see the words, you understand why they're becoming extinct.

It's like one of the laws of web 2.0 - keep things simple, nobody really wants or needs lots of different ways of saying something, or words that encapsulate the meaning of 4 or 5 other words.

It's easier to remember the 4 or 5 other common words than the one funny word that nobody ever uses.

But despite the above reasoning, I do find new words interesting. And I reckon if one took my fancy, I may just be tempted to slip it into conversation sometime (sure, right, and I live in Holland so that's gonna go down great!.. we'll see :D)

Here are 3 words that I just noticed on the site:

Casitive - Has grammatical cases - e.g. you could call a language that uses cases a casitive language. ... I think German is a casitive language come to think of it... :)

Lubency - pleasure/ willingness

Impudicity - hmm. I've lost that word now.. but it sounded kinda cool :)

The web site is:

1 comment:

Matt said...

Hi josh,
nice site.
Save the word... har ha im liking it...

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