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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giving Posterous a whirl

Posterous is a service that lets you post to Multiple destinations: e.g. Twitter + Facebook + your Blogger blog + Tumblr + .... others, simply by sending an email.

Pretty handy/nifty, but I'm not sure how much I'd use this in practice. Time will tell.

Trouble is my Blog is set up to post to Twitter via Twitterfeed, so I know this is already going to result in a double post on Twitter. Thank goodness all my tweets (on Twitter) are no longer auto-forwarded to Facebook, otherwise that's mean 3 Facebook updates. These days my tweets only get sent to Facebook if I explicitly tag the tweet with #fb (oops, haha).

What we need is a really really smart service that will intelligently synchronise all one's online messages. So there's not just a single start-point.

The service will monitor all one's online activity and reproduce it on one's other online locations according to rules or tags.

E.g. A single tag on any post could tell the monitoring service not to reproduce that post anywhere else.

We'll see, one day it'll all be much, much more integrated. One's "profile" will be more a sort of cloud hanging in the air above multiple web sites and services.

Amen ;)

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