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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

How to get an SSH server running on a Mac

To SSH into your Mac you just need to do the following.
  1. Go to System preferences >> Sharing
  2. Check the "Remote Login" box
  3. That's it!
    This will start sshd on your system and you can now be able to SSH your Mac with your usual Mac username and password.
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    Ricardo I said...

    Hi mate,
    I haven't port command, how can install it?
    I've a leopard 10.5.7 and I new on shell mac...
    I'll really be thankful for your help.

    Josh said...

    Hi Ricardo,

    Here's the page you can download MacPorts from:

    Here's the direct download link for your Mac version:

    Here's a user guide:

    Michaelr45 said...

    I feel really weird! I have jiggled that "remote login" button open and closed to no avail; "ssh localhost" works fine, but the port will not open. Any ideas?

    Josh said...

    Hi Michael,
    A few things come to mind.

    1) Some routers need port forwarding to be configured even for connections from another computer on the internal network. So you might want to try configuring your router to forward the SSH port (usually 22) to your Mac.

    2) Then there's the Mac built-in software firewall. Maybe you've got it switched on and it's somehow getting in the way (see for instructions).

    3) Oh, unlikely, but maybe you have a 3rd-party software firewall installed on your Mac and that's blocking it?

    Let me know how you get on

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