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Friday, June 12, 2009

TiddlyWiki - How to install the Beta version

Anyone installing the TiddlyWiki beta version will probably already know how to do this. But anyway, this is for those that want a quick 1-2-3...

Remember, as stated on the TiddlyWiki beta page, and as with anything "beta" (although half the services on the web these days are in beta) don't use it for important data, and don't complain if it breaks!.. just report it to the developers ;-)

So, get TiddlyWiki beta as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Now just save this web page locally to your computer
  3. In Internet Explorer 6 you do this by going to File -> Save As (in most browsers the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+S)
  4. Save the browser page as HTML-only (tip: put "beta" somewhere in the filename so you don't forget)
  5. You have now saved your TiddlyWiki Beta locally. So you can open it and edit it as usual.

Now if you want to upgrade an existing (non-beta) TiddlyWiki to the beta version you just downloaded do the following:

  1. Open the TiddlyWiki beta file you just downloaded
  2. Go to 'backstage' (top right-hand corner) -> 'import'
  3. Browse for a file and choose your old non-beta TiddlyWiki file
  4. Press the 'open' button
  5. Select all tiddlers by checking the box right at the top (in the yellow-brown table header)
  6. Uncheck "Keep these tiddlers linked to this server...." (also leave the other option unchecked)
  7. Press the 'import' button at the bottom.
  8. It will confirm that it has imported those tiddlers, press the 'done' button.
  9. NOW save changes via the 'save changes' link on the top right-hand side of your TiddlyWiki as normal.
  10. Then reload your TiddlyWiki (if you're using Windows just press F5 or Ctrl+R)
  11. NOW you're done, UNLESS it displays the PluginManager tiddler and something has a red-pink colour. That's not good. It means one of your plugins doesn't work on the beta. So proceed as below:

Deal with a broken plugin as follows:

  1. You can first check to see if your plugin provider also has a beta version.
  2. If not, disable the plugin by first clicking the 'save changes' link on the top right-hand side to make sure you've saved the latest changes.
  3. Then check the checkbox next to the red-pink plugin that's broken (if more than one is red-pink then check all the red-pink ones)
  4. Then press the 'remove systemConfig tag' button. You might be warned by the browser that you might lose unsaved changes, but just press Ok to continue.
  5. Then reload the TiddlyWiki again (if you're using Windows just press F5 or Ctrl+R) and this time there should be no warning from the PluginManager.

Good luck. You can catch me on Twitter: @gigajosh

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