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Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to edit Plaxo privacy settings

I've more than once had difficulties finding where on Plaxo I'm supposed to edit the privacy settings. Plaxo is a primarily work-oriented profile/ social networking site like LinkedIn

So here's a quick note to those that have the same difficulty.
  1. Go to the Plaxo homepage
  2. Click the My Profile menu
  3. Click the About Me tab
  4. Navigate down to the Websites section
  5. Click 'Edit this section'
  6. Click on the website name to edit privacy settings
N.B. If you don't see the 'Edit this section' link, go to the top of your profile and there should be an 'Edit this section' link visible there. Then go back down to the Websites section.

These websites don't seem to realise how badly their navigation sucks for people that don't use their website on a regular basis.

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