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Friday, March 25, 2011

Fictional tweeting could enhance viewing figures

What do you think folks, if the main character from your favourite series (think Hawaii Five-O, CSI, Criminal minds) was tweeting like a regular person and maybe had a Facebook page to boot, would this add a new dimension to the show?

Just to be clear I'm talking about Twitter and Facebook accounts that are professionally scripted to present the person as they are in the series in a real-life way. They would actually interact with the world around them just like a real-life tweeter would.

You'd need to have a clever little team, including the people who write the script of the actual series to create a realistic character, but if done well it could be really fun for people that enjoy the series and could even increase the popularity of the series.

Has anyone seen this being done professionally yet? If not I kinda bet that we'll start to see this in the near future. It may not be suitable for every type of series, but it could be really cool for suitable ones. Imagine that it could potentially bring characters from a fictional series to life in the real world.

This way you could inexpensively bridge the gap between series; give tips or hints about up and coming shows: imagine a Criminal Minds character starts tweeting about a new case, and then the show is televised the next day. If the tweeting tied in to the the information in the show it could give a cool new dimension to it.

Then you could have the post-show wind-down on Facebook. Imagine the character going out on the town with his/her buddies, talking about which clubs they hit, throw in some photos. :-) I can see people really going for that.

It would have to be done really cleverly and professionally, but if done well I could be a huge hit. I'd love to hear what other people think of this. :-)

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