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Monday, September 15, 2014

AppInfo Lists Tweaks by Install Date

The AppInfo iPhone tweak is unmissable on a jailbroken iPhone, giving you access to all sorts of information:
  • A list of your apps from the Apple AppStore
  • A list of Cydia tweaks and repositories
  • Springboard tweaks
  • iPod music
Most of which can be exported as a simple or detailed list that you can email (to yourself).

Extra noteworthy is that the lists of AppStore apps and Cydia tweaks can be sorted:
  • Alphabetically
  • Size
  • Date Installed
Install Date helps you remember which apps or tweaks you installed most recently. Can be very useful, for example to help you identify sudden problems you may experience with newly installed apps or tweaks, like sudden increased battery drain, poor performance, or crashes.

This Cydia tweak can be found in the BigBoss repository, usually shipped by default in Cydia.

Hope you found this useful!

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